JEWEL - Joyfully Encouraging Women Enriching Lives

About Us

Jewel began in 2004 to help answer the need for women to grow beyond a static relationship with God and others and to discover an authentic, dynamic walk with Christ.  It has evolved into a multi-faceted ministry customized to the needs of women in the fast-paced Silicon Valley. Jewel is an equipping ministry to give women the tools to grow spiritually through our relationship to Him and each other.  Jewel’s purpose is:
  • To build confidence in a woman’s relationship to God
  • Give opportunities for connection and relationship with other women
  • Enable spiritual growth and develop spiritual skills
  • Inspire an evangelistic lifestyle that reaches out to bring others closer to Jesus
  In the fall, ladies are invited to informational meetings where the Jewel ministry is presented.  The ladies who choose to participate agree to a six-month commitment to either Pearl prayer partnerships or Ruby mentoring. There is a Prayer team that prays over all the names and asks the Lord for wisdom on pairing the women.  On Training Day, the women come to a three-hour training for either Pearl or Ruby.  At the end of the training, they meet the person who will be their partner and the ladies get to know each other.   At the end of the six months, we have a high tea for the Pearl and Ruby participants to share what God did through the relationships.  Each time it is amazing how God has worked in them with many saying they had the perfect partner. Those who finish receive at the end of the tea, a handmade Swarovski crystal bracelet with either a seashell charm for Pearl or heart charm for Ruby. Women can anticipate that each time they are involved to see a different way in which God can again use them to effect change in the life of another woman.


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